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A page for the quartets and other groups associated with Ipswich BHC

Singing in Quartet requires all of the best qualities of Barbershop singing and then some, so here are a couple of examples of Quartets associated with The VIPs.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of them, have a look at their website or page by selecting the link:-
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Tony Gooding, Andy Flack, Gareth Roberts and Jonathan Williamson, all founder members of The VIPS, have been singing as Acafella since their formation in 2006. They are based in Ipswich and sing a wide variety of well known songs in the Barbershop style.

If you are interested in finding out more about them, have a look at their website:- www.acafella.co.uk
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This is a project for four members of The VIPs - Bob, Chris, Ben and Phil - seeking to expand their Barbershop capabilities by learning to sing in Quartet.
We'll keep you updated with their progress on this page, or you can view their Facebook page HERE
If you have been given the Username and Password, click or tap logo to enter their Password-protected area.

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Saturday 14th December:
We sang at our first gig - a private party in Bury St Eds. 80 guests and a marquee in the garden. Three sets of 3 songs, including Bob's balletic mime. Judging by the applause and whistles, we didn't do too badly!

Thursday 9th January:
Serious consideration of repertoire. Organised list of songs we all like and where to find them. Bob then created 5 set lists so we learn a group of compatible songs together and in the right order. No singing today but a worthwhile planning process.

Thursday 6th January:
Just Phil (Lead)and Chris (Bass) this week. Consolidation of words and notes for three songs we thought we knew! We've decided practice with Teach Tracks makes us lazy! Solo and duet work is much more challenging - seeks out the weak spots. Back to full strength next week.

Other Groups


This is a project to develop a mixed voice chorus in the Suffolk area. Not to be confused with the American band of the same name.
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They meet on Monday nights at The Red Lion in Manningtree and are keen to welcome new members.

They now have a website here and an active Facebook page here

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