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Ipswich BHC Committee Pages

Three Executive Officers of The Club were elected at the AGM in September 2019. They will serve the Club until elections to be held at the next AGM in September 2020 as required by the Club's Constitution. In addition 2 members were elected and 2 membes were co-opted to the committee to carry out specific functions.

Contact details of the Musical Director and Committee members are listed below. Helpful comments and constructive criticism are welcomed for discussion at Committee meetings, currently held bi-monthly. Minutes of meetings are circulated to the membership by email and are published on this web site for comment and reference.

The areas of responsibility for each Committee Officer are listed in the Table of Responsibilities here .



Email address



Executive Committee






Alan Herring

01442 244831

07812 941433

Vice Chairman

Not appointed

Hon Secretary

Chris Hamilton

01449 711960

07855 446182


Tony Gooding

01473 404326

07727 876298

Committee Members





Committee Member

Phil Kemp 

01449 677537 

07498 484852 

Membership Secretary

Chris Hamilton

01449 711960

07855 446182

Recruitment and Retention

Andy Watkins

07943 196349

Making Music Rep.

Chris Hamilton

01449 711960

07855 446182

BABS Representative


Chris Hamilton

01449 711960

07855 446182

Sing Out Secretary (Acting)

Chris Hamilton

01449 711960

07855 446182

Co-opted Members





Youth Education Officer

Andy Flack

01359 241563

07765 892519

Music Acquisition & Copyright

Paul Thomas

01473 833846

07415 280328






Musical Director

Pete Chapman

01353 740750

07539 693673

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Committee Members' Responsibilities

The table below lists the areas covered by each Member of the Executive Committee.

Several of these responsibilities will require sharing of the work required among other members of the chorus, so please be prepared to join in and share the effort when asked.




Leader of ExCom

Chorus Brand and Image


Lead The Club at public events

Vice Chairman

Deputise for Chairman

Hon Secretary

Meetings agendas

Meetings minutes

Keeper of official documents

Official Club correspondence


Health & Safety

General Admin functions


Bank Accounts

Managing monies


Setting Membership Fees


Charities (Funding / Support)

Funding & Grants

Membership Secretary

Membership details

Membership Admin

Joining procedure


Visitors music folders



Sing-Out Secretary

Event Finder

Chorus Calendar

Show tickets, publicity & Programmes

Rehearsal Venue bookings

Key holder

Sound & Lighting

Convention Arrangements

Travel & Hotels

Riser responsibility

Youth Education Officer

Promote our music in Schools and Colleges

Seek opportunities to perform for younger audiences

Liaise with staff to develop singing opportunities for pupils and students.

Music Manager

Music Acquisition

Music copyright

PRS Management

Music Library

Score management

Recruitment & Retention

Promoting the Chorus Image

Publicity & Advertising

Leaflet drops

Copy for Web Site & Social Media

Copy for Written and Spoken media

Polling membership to inform planning process

Work with chairman to develop retention strategy

Public Relations Officer (PRO)

NOTE: This post is currently vacant and covered by others.

Web Site Maintenance

Social Media (Facebook; Twitter)

Photographs & Videos

Display materials

Charities (Partnership & Publicity)

Making Music Rep.

Maintaining membership of MM for The Club

Publicising MM training and other opportunities to members

Use of MM services by The Club

BABS Representative

Representing the views of The Club at BABS AGMs and other meetings.

Communicating BABS information to Club members

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