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A 4-part World in Harmony

When you join a BABS affiliated Club like The VIPs, your membership subscription includes membership of BABS, of course! It also includes membership of an organisation called Making Music, as part of your group.

Who are “Making Music”? Here is what they say in their introduction.

At Making Music, the UK’s number one organisation for voluntary music, we thrive on encouraging all kinds of music groups and individuals to be part of a vibrant multi-cultural music scene.

Our members ‐ from over 3,000 groups representing around 170,000 music makers ‐ come to us for the expert help they need to set up, run and develop music groups in their communities.

We’re here to help everyone flourish in their music making

So how do you join? Well, any member of our group, The VIPs, can log in and access their services. Go to their web site ‐ Making Music. Follow their process for registering your username and password. When requested, enter the group membership code, which is “BABS-IPS”. You should get an email confirmation and an activation link to follow, then you’re done.

Take a tour of the site to look at events, training, admin, insurance, or whatever takes your fancy!

As part of our Club’s membership, a “Making Music” representative is appointed who will know more about them and how they may be able to help. You can find the name of your rep. from the list of officers on the Committee page here.

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