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Risers - Transport, Storage and Use

BABS have issued safety advice for handling Wenger risers. It can be found here --->Wenger Riser H&S Manual.
This advice should be read in conjunction with the illustrated instructions for erection below.

Riser Handling Guidance

We bought six second hand risers from Viva Acapella. They are made by Wenger Inc. You can read their H&S advice by following the link elsewhere on this page. The text and photos below provide more guidance on how to handle them.

The folded riser is quite stable when standing on end. In the background you can see the other five risers standing face to face. This gives the neatest storage and a reasonably stable collection. It is advisable to rope the tops together to prevent the "domino" effect. Rigger gloves are recommended, but not essential. Take note of the guidance on where to grasp the riser.
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The end where the gloves are "weighs" 45lb when on the ground. The end with the castors weighs 55lb. If you cannot safely lift this weight do not try to move them.

The risers are moved by lifting where the gloves are, and wheeling them to the required position. It is not recommended to pass your fingers through the gap between the tread and the linking bar. Your fingers may get trapped.

Exercise caution when towing risers through doorways. The tread hinges stick out and will damage door frames - so do not hurry.
Place the riser near to its desired position, that is, at the back of the planned stage area with the castor end towards the right of the stage, looking from the audience. Grasp the short edge of the uppermost tread where the gloves are, lift it to unfold the treads and step back, towards the audience, pulling the treads open as you go. The opening treads "weigh" about 30lb. Lower them gently to the floor - do not drop them.
Erecting 1
Move round to the right side of the riser. Position yourself facing the end of the longest tread (the top one).
Erecting 2
Grasp the end of the longest tread with both hands
Erecting 3
Place your right foot on the right hand end of the bottom rail, as shown by the boot! Pull hard and lift the top tread until the latching pins engage in the slots in the brace. Be aware that some risers have one pair of slots, some have two pairs!
Clamping the Brace
When the riser has been erected, swing the cover plate over the brace to retain the latching pins. Note: This riser has two pairs of slots. The pins must fully engage the upper pair of slots.
Assembling the Risers
The risers are linked together by hooking the plain edges of the left riser over the rods on the end of the right riser. Note: There are rods on top and bottom treads of each riser. Both must be linked. Use two people to lift each riser rather than dragging them, especially on polished floors.
Assembly complete
Risers should fit level with no gaps. If the floor is precious, use carpet or felt beneath the feet of each riser to protect the floor. This will also help to avoid undesirable noise from the risers during performance.
Separate the risers by lifting the left one and moving it away from the rods on the right one. Collapse each riser by opening the clamping plate, squeezing the bars to release the latch pins and lowering the riser to ground level. Then lift the bottom tread and fold middle and bottom treads onto the top tread before wheeling the folded riser away.

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